A helpful guide to help you when you start to wonder ‘What does … mean?’.

Ask at desk
This is a book we deem as an important part of our collection, but due to its condition or issues it is held in the back room. These items are available to borrow.

Reference material is not available for issue. This collection is a place where items such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, almanacs and other important resources are held so everyone can use them.

This item has not come back on or before its due date.

On hold
Someone has placed a hold/request on this title. When this happens, the title cannot be renewed.

On order
We have placed a request for purchase for this item from a publisher or supplier. The item has not yet arrived in the library.

In cataloguing
The item has arrived in the library and is currently waiting to have a full record developed for this title. This involves adding subject headings, author details, title information, publication descriptions and deciding where it is going to go in the libraries. You can place a hold on the item while it is in cataloguing.

In processing
The book has now been catalogued and is in the process of having the final stages added before being available for loan. The covering material is being placed on the book to make sure it will last. You can place a hold on the item while it is in processing.

In display
This may be available for issue, please ask a staff member for assistance in getting this book.

Being fixed/mended
The item has a fault, pages maybe falling out. Staff are currently working to repair the item to condition where it can be issued again. Sometimes items are beyond mending and will be deleted from our system.

Large Print
Large print is one of the collections we hold in our libraries. These books have larger text to help those with sight conditions e.g. abc and abc

Audio book
An audio book is a book that has been recorded on to CD for people to listen to. These are available in the children’s, teen and adult collections. If you are print disabled, these are free to borrow (condition do apply so please talk to a staff member to see if you are eligible).

Privilege expired
Once every two years we need to check your file and make sure we have your correct details, address, phone and alternative contact. We do this with everyone who is a member once a year. Once confirmed we extend your privilege for another year. If you get the message that your privilege has expired, please contact us and once your details are confirmed we will extend this.

Writing, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

Writing that is informative or factual rather than fictional.

Graphic novel
A novel in comic strip format.

An electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.

eAudio books
An eAudio book is a downloadable audio book.

Adult literacy
Resources designed to help adults improve reading ability.


Online public access catalogue. These are the computers you can use in the libraries to search the collections