Digital services

Skinny Jump
Skinny Jump is a subsidised wireless internet service supported by the Spark Foundation. It provides flexible prepaid broadband available through Skinny Jump partners.

Only $5 for 35GB of data, with no contracts or credit checks, and the modem comes free of charge. Just top up as you go.

Skinny Jump is targeted at households that do not have a broadband connection at home because cost is a barrier or for digitally disadvantaged groups.

Modems are supplied at no cost with the first 35GB data prepaid by the Spark Foundation.

Our libraries at Cambridge and Te Awamutu are local partners.

Skinny Jump does need to be available at your address. To search for your address: click here.

If you wish to enquire about Skinny Jump, and whether you qualify contact us via email

Please note you will need to make an appointment - please email or call us.

Digital Steps (Stepping up)
The Digital Steps (Stepping Up) programme aims to provide free digital skills training for people who are seeking to improve employment opportunities or enhance their computer skills in general.

Each module runs for up to 2 hours (though is usually provided for an hour). Classes are usually delivered one on one. Attendees may bring their own device or make use of a provided computer (free of charge).

A range of courses will be offered, or can be catered to client needs. To look at the range of options click here.

To enquire/make an appointment click here.

The programming above is available in Cambridge, for Te Awamutu, patrons have the option of self-learning or may Book-a-Librarian (enquire via phone or onsite).

Generic digital training on use of or help with smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices is also available for one on one. 

We also have a regular schedule of visits to the following retirement villages in Cambridge - St Kilda Village, Lauriston Park, Resthaven and Cambridge Oaks. Please contact your village manager to enquire about the next session or visit your notice board.

Scamming alerts
Don't get caught out! There is a number of scams out there at the moment.

Click here for some tips and click here for current advice from DIA.