Frequently Asked Questions

Renew my items
What are the conditions of membership?
What libraries can I use my card at?
How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?
If you lose or damage an item what happens?
How do I avoid overdue fines?
If I forget my library card what happens?
Can I lend my card to friends?
Can I order an item from the other Waipa library?
Can I order an item from outside Waipa Libraries?
What happens if there is a book in the libraries that I don’t think should be there?
How can I make a recommendation for purchase?
If I move or change any details what do I need to do?
I’ve lost my library card, what do I need to do?
I am living in Waipa District for a short time, can I still join?
How can I change my pin number?
What is the difference between the Library Catalogue and the eBook Catalogue?
Are there any rooms for hire?
How can I submit a review?