Competitions are held regularly throughout the year.

Some winning entries (and solutions if relevant) will be posted here.

School Holiday Safari - October School Holidays Colouring in Competition

Templates for 5-7 years, 8-9 years and 10-12 years: Download here

Winter Warmer July School Holidays Story Competition

11-12 years: Mathew's story 

8-10 years: Holly's Story

5-7 years: Ronan's Story & Niamh's Story.


ANZAC DAY Crossword Competitions

Adult's entry form: download here.
Adult's solution!

Children's entry form: download here.
Children's solution!

Build a Crossword Competition

Winning entry (by Monique):
Download here

Winning entry (by Debbie):
Download here

Please email us for solutions.

Library Card Design Competition

 Winning entry (Kate): 

Kate's Design

Winning entry (Vivien):

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