Summertime Madness


10.5 x 15cm Booklet for Summertime madness
cream with faded black text reading:
Summertime madness bugs.
17 Dec - 21 Dec
3 Jan - 25 Jan
Summertime Madness.
Includes illustration of 3 "Bugs".
Contains times and dates and descriptions of listed activities including a pool party, day trips to glow worm caves and MOTAT, picnics and a disco.


61 x 43cm Hand made mixed media poster for
Summertime Madness. Artist unknown
Mix of paint and crayon, includes illustrations of skateboarding, hiking cycling and trips. Denim blue felt text reading:
"17th of December to 21st then starts on 3rd January to the 25th of January.
Look for more Information in your Independent"