Marilyn Waring, 'Growth in Waipā'

22 x 15cm (30 x 44cm unfolded) White flyer with blue text reading:
"Marilyn Waring will be speaking at the (Senior Citizens) Hall"
Overlaid is a stamp in purple ink with venue details.
Lower text reads: Marilyn Waring WAIPA.
Includes a monochrome blue photo of National M.P. Waring on the left hand side.
Unfolded, the pamphlet includes a full spread titled
"Growth in Waipa"
With information on areas including agriculture, tourism and regional development with accompanying photographs. A map of the Waipa region is centre page. The reverse right page has information on M.P Waring and her achievements with accompanying photographs.
The reverse of the closed flyer has photograph of a hilly region of Waipā and testimonials from Waipā residents about M.P. Waring.