Enamel Wares in the Decorative Arts Exhibition

14.5 x 21cm Enamel wares in the decorative arts information booklet. Off white textured cover with black text reading:
"Enamel wares in the Decorative Arts, An Auckland Memorial Museum Travelling Exhibition"

Also has a graphic of the Auckland museum. Written in pen are 10c in the top right corner and Cambridge 16-28 Sept 1975 in the lower centre.

Contains a brief history of ceramic art and its international origins.

25.5 x 34cm Poster for the Enamel Wares in the Decorative Arts Exhibition.
White with blue font and borders and white graphics of enamel ware on blue backgrounds on the upper right and lower left corners.
Additional information was added in marker pen by the Cambridge Society of the Arts
Text reads:
At the Cambridge Society of Arts
10 Victoria St., Cambridge
Enamel Wares in the Decorative Arts circulated by the Auckland War Museum
16th-28th Sept,. 1975 (incl.)
Adults: 20c Children: Free
An exhibition of painted enamels - champlevé, cloisonné and enameled porcelain from Europe.