Cambridge Art Society Art Awards 1969 - 1982

A series of booklets for the Cambridge Art Society Art Awards and an entry form for the 1982 award. 

Each awards booklet contains the times and dates of the Art Awards exhibition of that year, the name of the Judge and a list of the years participating artists as well as the title, medium and cost of purchase (if applicable) of their submissions.

Some years also featured a guest artist, such as Mr. Peter Smith, M.A. Poulton Esq., who doubled as the judge for the 1975 show and Grahame Braddock in 1981.

Known until 1976 as the Waikato Breweries Art awards, then the Lion Breweries Art Awards from 1977.

Years available:

1966 (17x21cm) Date approx.
1969 (19x24cm) 
1975 (15.5x29.5cm) x2
1976 (15.5x29.5cm)
1977 (15.5x29.5cm)
1979 (15.5x29.5cm)
1980 (15.5x29.5cm) x2
1981 (15x27.5cm)
1982 (15x27.5cm) Entry form