Piled-high potatoes: Delicious and nutritious ways to enjoy the humble baked potato

30 April 2020
Written by: Hannah Miles
Review by: Louise Way
Genre: Non-fiction

MasterChef UK finalist, cookbook author, and sometime lawyer Hannah Miles has come up with more creative and yummy things to do with baked potatoes than you can shake a spatula at. They range from simple, no-cook topping options like tuna mayo, sour cream & chives, and of course, the classic cheesy potato, right through to more unusual possibilities such as ratatouille with goat's cheese, haggis with whiskey sauce, and the intriguing combination of mackerel, beetroot and horseradish.

Miles caters for every taste here. For meat lovers there are plenty of enticing recipes, including the lasagne layered baked potato, satay chicken, and beef stroganoff. There are vegan and vegetarian offerings - carrot & hummus, miso tofu & mushroom, cauliflower cheese and more - and no shortage of crowd-pleasers like steak & cheese, and pizza potatoes. Personally, I'm keen to try the Welsh rarebit recipe and the bacon, brie & cranberry!

You will also find instructions for making various flavoured butters to go with your potatoes, and clever ways to take your baked potatoes to the next level by turning them into burger sliders or chicken & leek pot pies!

Whatever your level of expertise, there are recipes here to suit everyone, many of which could be easily tweaked to accommodate varying dietary requirements. A great source of inspiration to help you turn the humble spud into a filling and mouth-watering meal.

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