When I was you

07 February 2023
Written by: Amber Garza
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense

How can there be two Kelly Medina’s in the one town?

It’s a cruel mistake, but the Kelly who’s son is no longer around, receives a call from the doctors to confirm her 'well-baby' appointment.

While the receptionist is apologetic, Kelly can’t help wondering about the new mother and starts to look out for her.

While she is looking out for her at the same time as the appointment an opportunity presents itself for the older Kelly to intercept the younger one and her baby Sullivan.

The older Kelly is captivated and with the loneliness she feels, this unlikely friendship starts to fill the void. Kelly starts to spend more time with the younger Kelly and her son, not to mention the money she starts to spend and her friends start to worry about her mental health - something as the reader you're learning about all the time. It’s a relationship that quickly turns obsessive and the older Kelly starts to think that she would be a better mother for Sullivan.

But everything is not what it seems and when one of the women disappears the other is likely to be at the heart of it all ... but which one?