Under the midnight sky

18 September 2019
Written by: Anna Romer
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Detective

Set in Australia, this is a mystery/thriller where the key character is Abby who is a journalist.

Abby finds the body of a young girl in an abandoned campground. There is a lot of blood. She goes to call for help but when the ambulance arrives then can’t find the girl. Word gets out that Abby has been spooked. Not twenty years before she had been going through the same bush trail to be accosted by ragged young man with an axe.

The injured girl that now appears to be missing bears a resemblance to three girls who were murdered 20 years ago at the same time that Abby was accosted. Abby is determined to expose the history of the area through her work, but the paper wants to suppress the story. She enlists the help of a reclusive crime writer whose interest in the case increases then they find a hidden attic in the house he lives in.

Will what they find hold the key to solving the murders and finding the injured girl?

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