Three Sisters

13 April 2022
Written by: Heather Morris
Review by: Anneke Elsing
Genre: Historical Fiction

Three Sisters is a remarkable novel based on the true story of three Slovakian Jewish sisters, who endured the worst of humanity to forge new and hopeful lives on the other side. It will break your heart, but leave you amazed and uplifted by the courage and fierce love of three sisters, whose promise to each other kept them alive in a place without hope. Two of the sisters are alive in Israel today, surrounded by friends and family.

Three Sisters covers many years of the sisters’ lives, from their childhood in Slovakia to the years they survived the shocking conditions within Auschwitz. Their story of survival is truly remarkable, as so many perished around them. Their migration to Israel after they emerge from the destruction of post-war Europe is also fascinating. Morris explores their complex trauma and survivor’s guilt in a delicate manner. An afterword from some family members, including from one of the sisters herself, alongside historical photos and documents, reinforces this deeply personal story. It is also a stark reminder that the three sisters are among millions of victims of the Holocaust – most of whom did not survive – and all their stories deserve to be told.