This is going to hurt (Large print)

03 June 2020
Written by: Adam Kay
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Non-fiction

All doctors are recommended to log their clinical experiences during their time practicing. It’s known as reflective practice.

After being struck off the register after not practising for 5 years Adam Kay decided to go through his recordings initially with a view to cleaning out his spare room.

What it turned into was a diary of experiences of a Junior doctor. He published his account at a time when Junior Doctors in the NHS were coming under fire. He decided to publish to redress the balance and spell out exactly what life is like, the effect on your personal life and then how it can all become too much.

It is a frank account with a few choice words and imagery thrown in. Bear in mind Dr Kay works in gynaecology and obstetrics!

Some stories will make you cringe, some will make you laugh out loud, some you will just dread to read! It does have an easy to read style.

The last entry is a sad one and thereafter there is no more laughter in Adam Kay. It left him feeling bereaved and in the end he decided to walk away from medicine.

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