The Shelly Bay ladies swimming circle

18 September 2019
Written by: Sophie Green
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction

It’s the early 80s in Australia. This is the story of discovery for four women who soon become friends.

Housewife Theresa takes up swimming because she wants to lose weight and get fit.

Widow Marie also swims and this is the one constant in her life now her husband is gone.

25 year old Leanne is a nurse. She is a runner but she has also just started to take swimming lessons

Elaine who has recently moved from England without her adult sons but has her husband here. Hubby often is home late and she finds her solace in her gin bottle. She used to be good at tennis in the UK but now can't seem to find her way and she thinks she'll turn her hand to swimming.

Theresa and Marie meet up first and decide it would be nice if they swim together rather than alone. Theresa invites Leanne to join them, then one morning while Elaine is trying to shrug off her hangover from the night before she helps Theresa and Marie with the rescue of a teenage girl from the surf.

And so it's the Summer of 1982 and the women embark on the start of a friendship in which they find companionship and solace.

Some lovely 'Australianisms' and references and a great feel good story.

There are questions for discussion in the back.

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