The murder club

22 December 2020
Written by: Nikki Crutchley
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction
Series: Miller Hatcher

By Cambridge’s own Nikki Crutchley

It all starts with a carefully planned murder. It’s almost Christmas and the killer wants the country folk to feel unsafe in their houses. His plan is to be bigger than Santa this year!

Miller is a journalist. When she first receives an anonymous cryptic note hand delivered to her house she ignores it as it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But then the body of the woman turns up and she realises she needs to pay attention.

Miller isn’t the only one looking for a killer. Cassie is still looking for the man that killed her mother and Miller agrees to bring the cold case into the public eye.

Meanwhile Logan is obsessed with true crime after the death of his sister 30 years ago and runs a ‘Murder Club’ and tours.

The lives of the three become intertwined as the search is on for The Scarf Killer, who seems intent on communicating his attentions to Miller by writing to her, then allowing her to discover each body.

A real who dunnit with plenty of tense moments as it reaches its conclusion.

Excellent characters, well written and well paced. The setting of the Waikato makes it all the more interesting for local readers.

This is the second of the Miller Hatcher books and while it may help to read the first book prior to this one it isn’t essential.