The murder book

18 August 2022
Written by: Mark Billingham
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Detective
Series: DI Thorne

It starts with a murder. A female is the perpetrator, but someone else is looking on. DI Thorne and DI Tanner are on the trail, but to start with there isn't a lot of evidence.

Then after the second murder, suddenly there is and in what could be described as a lazy mistake the female is arrested. She admits to another murder and it all seems to be too easy.

DI Thorne's current girlfriend Melita is also a psychologist and she sees beyond the obvious. There is someone else behind these murders, and it's someone from DI Thorne and forensic pathologist Phil Hendrick's past.

He's been lying low for a number of years, but now he's back.

As always, easy to read prose and short chapters encouraging you to just go one more before putting it down for the night!