The Lucifer Code

27 October 2021
Written by: Charles Brokaw
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction

I originally picked this up for another member of our household, but ended up reading it myself.

Both the cover and title, screamed 'Da Vinci Code' so having loved the movie, I decided to give it a go.

It's enticing from the get go. Professor Thomas Lourdes has been invited to Istanbul by fellow Professor (and flame) Olympia, but he ends up getting kidnapped at the airport. Though the kidnapper seems to be the least of his worries, as he is also being targeted by the US Government (but we're not sure why just yet).

The saga is all over the existence of a scroll, and it would appear Professor Lourdes is the only person capable of reading it. But they first have to find it!

But there are several groups with a keen stake in the item, some of whom join forces.

In the background, a new leader has taken power in Saudi Arabia and it keen to avenge the death of his father and brother. The US also has an interest where this leads, but it appears the Vice President is leading the President on a path of his own choosing without him realising it.

It's fast paced and easy to ready with plenty of action. Definitely also worthy of a movie!