The last paradise

13 January 2020
Written by: Di Morrissey
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction

From one of Australia’s favourite authors and one of our libraries’ most popular authors too!

Her latest novel starts with Grace. To begin with she had the perfect life – job, family.

But then one night it all falls apart and they lose seemingly everything in a fire. Grace realises how little control she has had over anything to do with their life including their finances, possessions and property. In the midst of it all Lawrence has her inheritance property listed with asking her.

None of Grace’s friends ever liked Lawrence and she’s now seeing why. And the more she investigates the more she realises how little she knows about the man who is her husband.

To get away from it all Grace takes an assignment promoting an idyllic hotel in an untouched part of the hustle and bustle of Bali and she starts to take charge of her life. Unfortunately Lawrence or dealings with him are constantly in the picture.

A story of personal discovery and inspiration from those that have gone before. Of going your own way and learning to trust yourself and your instincts again.

Interesting to see what individual readers will make of the book that Grace ‘reads’ during the novel, the pages of which are included as text.

When you think you have a handle on the story it still has the odd twist and turn and you’re not quite sure what will happen in the end, though you’re hopeful for a happy ending!

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