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The doubt factory

31 March 2020
Written by: Paulo Bacigalupi
Review by: Louise Way
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

The Doubt Factory is a young adult novel. There's a lot to love about it - lots of action, a bit of romance, and a few twists to keep things interesting.

It centres around wealthy teenage girl Alix, her father and his PR company, and a group of young renegades trying to expose big companies who pay big money to obscure the data that shows how dangerous their products are.

What is Alix's father really up to? Is his company actually sinister or are they just 'helping people see both sides of the story'? How do you tell what's true and what's just a bizarre conspiracy theory?

It was thought-provoking, but there were also a few little gaps in the writing that made it hard to follow at times. Some the language was also unnecessary for younger readers.

But a good YA read!

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