The boy from the woods

22 May 2020
Written by: Harlan Coben
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction

Naomi Pine is missing. It's the second time in as many weeks. She is an unpopular high school student and the subject of needless bullying by the 'cool kids'.

Matthew is Hester Crimstein's nephew and when she first disappears he goes to Wilde, the so-called 'boy from the woods'. He is no longer a boy, but the sometimes partner of Matthew's mother.

Hester, the infamous Attorney from a number of Coben's previous books has a large role to play in this novel, even going so far as to delve into her private life.

Wilde involves Crimstein in the disappearance and they work to find out what Matthew's involvement is and how it all relates to Crash Maynard and his famous rich parents, Dash and Delia. And whether there is any link to tapes of political hopeful Rusty Eggers.

When Crash too goes missing, the story really starts to get interesting.

Unlike other Coben novels, this is a lot slower to get going and the intrigue really doesn't start until much later in the book. But you cannot fault the ease in his writing style and your ability to read it quickly.

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