Pray for silence (eBook)

15 September 2020
Written by: Linda Castillo
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Detective
Series: Kate Burkholder

Seven Murders. An Amish family, brutally murdered in their home.

Chief Kate Burkholder is running the investigation. She herself was once a member of the Amish community, but decided not to be baptised and left the community.

The Plank family moved from Pennsylvania, perhaps in an attempt to leave secrets behind. It's Kate' job to uncover them and find the killer.

Kate calls in help from a previous colleague and on again off again lover John Tomasetti. He too is having problems of his own having lost his family to a brutal murder 2 and a half years ago.

The investigation focuses on the younger daughter Mary and Kate finds several parallels between their lives.

She discovers her diary which helps them to start finding the clues that they need to help find the killer and work out why.

A real page turner, captivating and very well written.

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