Meet me in Venice

07 October 2019
Written by: Barbara Hannay
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction

It's a year after her husband Leo's death and Daisy decides to invite her three adult children to Venice (Leo's home town) for a holiday.

All the children are trying to put on a brave face but they are all hiding the true state of affairs. Marc's marriage is in trouble, Anna's acting career isn't going well and Ellie doesn't know what she wants for her future and doesn't want to conform.

Their relationships are revealed to each other, and tested and a name which Daisy recognises from Leo's past is raised and she is keen to find out more. But is she when she finds out and what will it mean for the family? And then Daisy has an accident.

Great for lovers of family drama which have a happy ending.

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