07 March 2022
Written by: Linda Castillo
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense
Series: Kate Burkholder

I couldn't wait until the next book in the Kate Burkholder series and I was not disappointed!

Rachel Schwarz left the fold as a teenager, but has returned to Painters Mill. She has checked into a hotel room anxiously awaiting a visitor she's been looking forward to seeing. No sooner has she closed the door having let the visitor in, does she feel the first blow. While she tries to defend herself, it is to no avail.

Kate Burkholder is yet again on the case, with her trusty solemate and BCI investigator John Tomasetti again called in to help.

Kate knew Rachel as a teenager and while she knows that Rachel often spoke her mind and upset a lot of people, particularly with a tell-all book two years prior, she knows that she didn't deserve to meet this end.

It's another enticing tale from the get go and just when you think you know 'who done it', you don't! 

Kate continues to find herself in danger, but with the support of her team she lives to fight another day.