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20 January 2021
Written by: Jorn Lier Horst
Review by: Christine Lewis
Genre: Detective
Series: William Wisting

Dregs is the first book of the series to be translated into English, however it is actually the sixth book in the series. However there is a prequel which may give more information.

The author is a former Senior Investigating Officer in the Norwegian Police Force and is considered one of the foremost Nordic crime writers  writing with a unique brand of suspense and realism (according to his website). He is also a children’s mystery writer!

Starting at the 6th book means a lot of history has gone before so we don’t have the back story of the main characters and how they have been shaped by previous events.

I read this book as it was a new author and I am trying to find a new author to read when Louise Penny’s latest book has not arrived! I am not convinced! I had trouble with the names(my fault) started reading before tea (also my fault it was a little gory for then!)

It just didn’t gel so well with me and that may have been because of the fact it was translated and didn’t flow as I would have liked.

I am going to read  the prequel and see if it pads out the characters more but fear that I may not find out much given that there are 5 books before Dregs.

In writing this I checked out what others had to say about the book and it has mixed reviews, so maybe if you like Scandinavian authors this may be a new one for you to try and see how you feel.