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Children of Time

25 August 2021
Written by: Adrian Tchaikovsky
Review by: Reece Wijohn
Genre: Science fiction
Series: Children of TIme

Far into the future, the last remnants of humanity travel through space on the ship 'Gilagamesh' to a new world and hopefully a new home. But what about the inhabitants? Will they be friendly and inviting to a people that destroyed their own world?

The book spans thousands of years and we follow two perspectives throughout.

Holsten on the Gilgamesh, who is woken from suspended animation every few hundred years, as he sees the condition of the 'Gil' and the people aboard fall further into disarray. While on the beautiful and green planet of 'Kerns World' we follow it's inhabitants as they grow and develop to become the dominant species of their planet.

Just over 600 pages long but well worth it. The contrast between the fall of one society while another rises makes for a really engrossing read, and without going into spoilers, seeing how the inhabitants of Kerns World develop technology/society and the issues/solutions they discover are so interesting and creative.

This is an amazing book for every science fiction fan.