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All systems red

24 August 2021
Written by: Martha Wells
Review by: Reece Wijohn
Genre: Science fiction
Series: The Murderbot Diaries

In the distant future corporations travel planet to planet looking for resources "All Systems Red" follows Murderbot; A cynical, sarcastic and socially awkward A.I security unit built to protect humans while they survey these planets. Only thing is, Murderbot doesn't really like humans and would rather watch TV all day.

A quick read (less than 200 pages long) this novella introduces you to lovable Murderbot, who hacked itself to gain freewill not to 'kill all humans' but to watch more TV. Too bad it has to spend all its time saving annoying people.

All Systems Red is a great first book in the Murderbot Diaries that, a long with being funny and very clever, also has serious questions about consciousness and ownership of living property.

A must read for science fiction fans but also for anyone that enjoys social commentary about society.