The wrong woman

17 October 2022
Written by: JP Pomare
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense

Eshana is the 'other woman' but is she the 'wrong woman' in this thriller by Kiwi crime author JP Pomare?

Reid, a former policeman who left the force and his home under delicate circumstances, is investigating the accident which killed Eshana's husband Oliver and has left her in a coma. He's investigating it for insurance purposes. The police were quick to label the accident as just that, an accident due to driver error, but there isn't a lot of evidence that points to that.

The story goes between Reid, usually in the current circumstance, and Eshana, usually in the past to establish the lead up to the accident.

Having been the other woman, there is a lot that Eshana mistrusts her husband about and she has good reason to as the story unfolds.

A young woman goes missing and then another, with all the evidence pointing to Oli.

Well written and keeps you hanging until the very end! A must read!