The Match

04 August 2022
Written by: Harlan Coben
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense

Wilde (The Boy from the Woods) returns for Harlan Coben's latest novel.

While Wilde has previously not shown an interest in learning about his birth parents, he does so in this latest edition. Wilde has submitted his details to a DNA website and comes upon a match, but when he tries to follow up the match (months later) he finds that the account has been deleted.

Enter some of of Wilde's contacts and it doesn't take too long before Wilde comes face to face with whom be believes could be his father. The meeting doesn't quite go as expected and Wilde decides not to pursue things any further.

But then he finds he too has been contacted by yet another match, someone who appears to be in desperate need to clear his name.

Wilde becomes caught up in a community of online doxxers, a secret group committed to exposing anonymous trolls. He becomes the subject of police investigation and uses all his contacts including the infamous Hester to help him. So much for simply trying to find what happened to his 'brother'.

Starts quite slow and takes a while to get into, but get past the first quarter and you'll be glad you did.