Lying Beside You

06 October 2022
Written by: Michael Robotham
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense

This is my first Michael Robotham novel and I can see why his books are hardly ever on the library shelves!

Forensic pathologist Cyris lives at home with his lodger Evie who has a troubled past. She has a thing for Cyris, but it is never going to be.

Cyris life has been complicated from the beginning when as a child his elder brother murdered the rest of his family. 

One half of the story follows his brother Elias' return 'home' after being granted visits, the other a murder investigation in which the victim is a female, whose head is shaved and has a rope around her neck.

Evie's story gets caught up in both aspects and the chapters are relatively turn about between Cyris and Evie. I found it a little difficult to get used to having both characters talking in the first person, but this by no means detracts from the story line, which slowly starts to emerge. It leaves you guessing until the end and on tenterhooks as to why the brother's return home forms part of the story.