Letters from Berlin

17 November 2020
Written by: Tania Blanchard
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: General Fiction

Susie’s adopted family and the man that she loves, Leo, are at risk. They are torn apart but Susie is determined that one day she and Leo will be together again.

To help them she enlists the help of Julius, a Nazi officer (somewhat of a friend of the family), but it could mean there will no longer be a future with Leo and it will require a level of deception as to their relationship. But despite hoping it will help, Leo doesn’t see it that way and it creates a rift between them. When the two decide to marry, many ask Susie if it’s really what she wants.

The union puts Susie in a position to gather intelligence and create contacts. It also means she could secretly help the resistance which Leo has joined.

There is plenty of tension as you become unsure as to Julius’ intentions and whether he is truly helping Susie or not. Susie’s heart continues to remain with Leo and she vows she will play the game and do everything she can to help him, no matter how difficult circumstances become.

A special read that keeps on giving right until the end.