Let the dead speak

14 June 2021
Written by: Jane Casey
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense
Series: Maeve Kerrigan

Kate lives in a suburban street with her 18 year old daughter Chloe. She has always maintained that Chloe has learning difficulties. She runs a business from home and receives maintenance from her ex-husband, who Chloe goes to visit regularly. Chloe is best friends with Bethany who lives across the street, but who is a few years younger. Her family are heaving involved in the Church.

One day Chloe returns unexpectedly early from a visit to her father's. Bethany's father sees her at the train station and brings her home, for them both to find Kate missing and the house full of blood.

Bring in Detective Maeve Kerrigan and her team who commence a murder investigation and first set out looking for the body.

Too many people are unhelpful when it comes to the investigation, but it would appear that foul play is close to home. When Chloe's body is found after the two girls go missing there are even more questions to be answered, but Bethany for one is not prepared to help.

Throw in the local bad boy, infidelity and plenty of lies and you've got a deliciously intriguing tale which twists and turns until the very last page!

I read this book after reading number 9 in the series and while it would have helped to have read them in order, it didn't really matter and didn't affect my enjoyment.

Maeve Kerrigan #7