How death becomes life

20 September 2019
Written by: Joshua Mezrich
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Non-fiction

US trained surgeon Joshua Mezrich, who after training, started transplantation research at Massachusetts General. He is now in Madison performing transplants and running a basic lab studying the immune system.

While transplants are undertaken from organs from living donors, the majority actually come from people who have died. Most donors die young and unexpectedly. This gives families some positivity at a difficult time knowing that they are giving the ultimate gift of life to another person and another family.

Often we forget the operations that are performed to actually secure the organ and sometimes the number of surgeons that are involved if a number of organs are being provided by the one donor.

The process these days seems to be so simple, but the author also relates how it used to be in the late 1800s.

There are some intricate details of performing surgery and this is perhaps NOT a book for those that might be get a little queasy from reading these, but fascinating nonetheless, as well as the individual stories told.

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