Desert star

22 November 2022
Written by: Michael Connelly
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Detective

Renee Ballard is back. Brought back to the force with the promise of leading her own unit - the Open Unsolved Unit - and able to work with anyone she choses.

She turns to Harry Bosch who's life seems to be in the balance, perhaps she has saved him from his own self-destruction.

She lures him to the unit to help a current case with the promise of the ability to work a case he was unable to solve previously - the Gallagher Family murder.

The Pearlman case takes most of their energy as the victim's brother is responsible for the creation of the Unit, and little do they know where the case will lead them - certainly a lot closer to home than they were expecting.

With that wrapped up it's then time to further pursue the Gallagher Family case.