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A serial killer’s daughter : my story of faith, love, and overcoming

21 April 2020
Written by: Kerri Rawson
Review by: Rachel Newnes
Genre: Non-fiction

This is the story of the daughter of the BTK killer (or BTK Strangler), Dennis Rader. Rader gave himself the name "BTK" (for "bind, torture, kill)].

His daughter Kerri shares her shock at discovering her beloved father was one of the most wanted killers in America.

The book originally focuses on the family’s life as they grow up like any other family. Then comes the heart-breaking day when the FBI arrive on her doorstep to inform her of her dad’s other hobby.

At first comes the idea that the police and FBI have the wrong person then comes the confession. From that moment on Kerri has to find a way to manage all the while dealing with the press, the law and her own feelings in regards to who her father was.  

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