A kiss After dying

21 November 2022
Written by: Ashok Banker
Review by: Dee Atkinson
Genre: Suspense

The story starts with Hannah. She is on a mission to make the man responsible for her father's death pay for what he has done.

She has befriended his youngest playboy son in the hope of getting close enough to him to kill him. She has used all her inginuity to create her fake persona, and is eventually successful in her task.

Then we meet Kiara, who also has a fake persona, and it's her task to befriend the man's other son and do the same to him. He is in a wheelchair following a freak accident and is nothing like his brother. Kiara forms a special bond with him and it all seems to make things a little more complicated.

He does meet his end while with Kiara but not how it was planned and to say how would spoil some of the nuances of this tale.

And then there is only Roger left to go ...