Craft Supply Swap

Do you have extra craft supplies hanging around at home? Do you love getting new items for your projects? Your unwanted supplies in good and useable condition could be someone else's must have item.

Come along to our third annual Craft Supply Swap! 

Please note you do not have to be a member of the library to get involved.

Please note the drop off dates and event dates ...

How does it work?

(Terms and conditions)

-Craft supplies must be in good and useable condition. Items can be incomplete, ie a small bottle of paint that is half full and not dried up.

-For this event, the library will accept the following craft supplies only – fabric, wool, drawing supplies (paint, pencils, paper), scrapbooking supplies, stationery supplies (blank cards, blank envelopes).

-Bundled items of the same type are preferred.

-Packages must be bundled in to the following values - $5 and $10. Please assess the value of your goods and rate them appropriately. You will receive a ‘ticket’ for every $5 value which you will be able to use during the swap event to acquire other items.

-Participants can package their items in paper bags supplied by the library (please ask at any time for these). Items will sit on top of these bags for the display.

-Packages can be dropped off at either library from Monday 27 November until Thursday 30 November (both libraries), or between 9.30am and 10.15am on Saturday 2 December (the day of the event) (Te Awamutu only).

-There is a limit of 10 packages per person.

-In the event that items are left over at the event's conclusion:

(a) Participants can elect on their submission form not to reclaim their items.

(b) Participants may claim back their items but only by using any tickets they have received, and must 'pay' the ticket price placed on the items.* They will have until Saturday 9 December to collect them, after which time the library reserves the right to use the supplies for future library programming, use them for a future swap or will donate them to a local group or charity.

-The library reserves the right not to accept items that do not comply with the terms and conditions or that may be deemed unsuitable due to size or quality.

-Tickets are not redeemable for cash.

-Items can only be ‘purchased’ using a ticket during the hours of the event.

-Should a member of the public attend the event and does not have an item to sell, at the events completion if the item is left over, the library will contact the ‘seller’ and put them in touch with the requestor to make other arrangements.

* If this does not occur this is not deemed to be in the spirit of a 'swap'. ie the participant could use their tickets for other items and then take their items home at no 'cost'.

* * *

Enquiries to Dee Atkinson