Makerspace activities

Makerspace is creative and hands-on with fun science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) projects!

Virtual Makerspace Sessions

Testing Boat Hulls
(Wednesday 20 May 2020)

Boat hull templates:
Square hull | Rounded Hull | V- shaped/Pointed Hull

Box Catapault
(Wednesday 27 May 2020)

Ewok Catapault
(Wednesday 3 June 2020)

Wind Meter - Anemometer
(Wednesday 10 June 2020)

Wrecking Ball
(Wednesday 17 June 2020)

Templates: Protractor | Ten Pin Bowling Set Up

Dough Erupting Volcano
(Wednesday 24 June 2020)

STEAM Activities (during lockdown)

Phases of the moon:
Download the template here. If you wish to share your activity please email it to us.

Science fun - blow up a balloon:
Please ensure you have adult supervision.

Testing the capacity of foil boats:

Marble maze activity (ideas):

Marble maze activity (examples):

Testing the strength of paper:

Walking/rocking horse:

LEGO Spinning Tops:

Magic Milk and Dancing Raisins:

LEGO Racing Car:

LEGO Paper Crimping Machine:

Maths Fortune Teller:

LEGO Gravity Roller:

LEGO Catapault:

Rainbow spinning wheel:
Download the spinning wheel template here.

Acid Base Indicators:

LEGO Windmill:

Lemon Erupting Volcano:

Lego Technic Slingshot:

Paperclip Helicopters:

Rainbow liquid tower:

Origami Dog:

Double-Helix DNA Model:

Musical Pipes:

Challenge activities

T puzzle (challenge):
Download the T puzzle template here.

T puzzle (solution):

Cross and L puzzle (challenge):

Cross and L puzzle (solution):

Coin puzzles (challenge):

Coin puzzles (solution):

Box and square puzzles (challenge):

Box and square puzzles (solution):

Card puzzles (challenge):

Card puzzles (solution):

Coin puzzles (challenge):

Coin puzzles (solution):

Just another Pyramid: Download PDF here. Solution: Click here.

Pony Express Challenge: Download PDF here.


Geometry scavenger hunt: Download PDF here.

Maths scavenger hunt: Download PDF here.

Graph paper for 3D Illusion: Download PDF here.

Helicopter template: Download PDF here.

Mobile Phone template: Download PDF here.