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PechaKucha presentation is a format that uses slides or images that are displayed for usually 20 seconds each. The slides move automatically as the presenter is speaking. This format ensures that the speaker is concise, keeps the presentation moving, and gets through all of their content.

Waipā District Libraries is bringing the 10x20 format to Cambridge for our tamariki to get involved. This means that speakers will talk to 10 slides for 20 seconds each slide.

If you are someone aged between 8 and 15 years or know someone who is and they would like to be involved, please email Dee Atkinson or fill in the registration form. If you are a parent registering for a child, please include their name and age in the notes.

We are looking for a minimum of 10 speakers for the event.

While the registration age is 8-15 years, patrons of any age can come along to the event.

More details here: Looking for speakers aged 8-15 years.